1105/2.5Y/P22 with 6.7:1 Gearbox for F5J

All around setup

1105/2.5D/P22 6.7:1 gearbox. – Gearbox ratio and suggested winding new for 2023! (Was 5.5:1 on 1105 3D) Motor/gearbox weight: 107g

4S 13×10 prop delivers up to 1000W. This setup is NOT intended to be run at full power for more than 10 seconds per f5j launch.

Note that these motors are selected for pilots who are flying true F5j flight profiles.  (30 seconds of power per 10 minute flight, mostly at low throttle.  Maximum of 10 seconds of full throttle.  This cycle would only repeat every 10-20 minutes.)  If you are a sport pilot flying an F5J airframe, please consider adjusting prop size or battery selection down to avoid overheating the power system.