AMASS 150 Anti Spark Connector Set (1 POS pair and 1 NEG pair)

AS150 7MM Anti-Spark connector set.  Rated for over 150 amps.
Each order contains:
Set of re-usable red housings (1 male /  1 female)
Set of re-usable black housings (1 male / 1 female)
2 x 7MM female bullet connectors
X x 7MM male bullet connectors - 1 with anti-spark technology
Product Name: AMASS AS150 plug
Model: AS150
Molded material: Nylon
Surface treatment: gold
Application: for power transfer, chargers, and other high-voltage battery
Product advantages:
Large size 7mm, gold plated, resistance to high current, patented anti-arcing design for high-voltage battery.
The shells are made of durable injection molded nylon.
28g / set


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