iCharger X12

Compact and rugged and 1100 watts– the perfect field charger–up to 12S!


The X12 supports up to 12s LiPo, Lilo, LiFe, LiHV, LTO, NiZn batteries with a maximum 2A balance current, and it utilizes a unique balance calculation of internal resistance correction.

Intelligent fan control. The internal temperature sensor detects internal temperature, allowing the charger to control fan speed.

Internal temperature protection. When the internal temperature exceeds the power reduce temperature, the output power is automatically reduced, and the charger will shut down when temperature exceeds the shut-down temperature.

This charger can save 32 parameter settings and support the data import/export to SD Card.

A 2.4″ IPS LCD Screen provides rich information including current, voltage, power, capacity, internal resistance, control status, time consuming and temperature, etc.

Multi discharge features: self discharge, regenerative to input discharge, and lithium battery extra expanding discharge.

Supports measurement for internal resistance of batteries both offline and online. Can measure not only the internal resistance of the entire battery pack but also the internal resistance of each cell within the lithium battery.

The X12 has protection for reverse polarity, input oor output.

Supports software updates via USB port or SD card. The X12 also supports the “Junsi Console” software, which displays, plots, and analyzes the charge and discharge data.


Input voltage range: 11-53VDC

Maximum input current limit: <35A Maximum charge/discharge current: 30A Max. output voltage/current for digital power supply: 50V/30A Maximum charge power capacity: 1100W Maximum discharge power capacity: 50W built in Maximum regenerative discharge power capacity: 1100W Maximum extra discharge power capacity: 1500W@50V/40A Maximum current drain for balancing: >2.0A

Display: 2.4 ” IPS LCD (320×240)

Net weight: 230g

Dimensions: 112 × 64× 37 ± 0.5 mm


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