Proton Micro Brushless Motor

  • 12mm OD BLDC motor
  • 50W continuous to 100W peak – dependent on application.
  • Inrunner construction
  • High speed operation – up to100,000 RPM
  • 4 poles / 6 slots
  • 1.5mm or 2mm shaft
  • 14g / .5ozs
  • US component sourcing and assembly available

Suggested RC setups – hyperlinks jump to eCalc for that setup.  Don’t forget to click “CALCULATE” at mid right to show results.

507-7300, GWS 3×3 prop, 2S LiPo –  65W, 10.5 amps, 273g thrust

507-5300, GWS 2.5 x 10 prop, 3S LiPo –  110W, 12 amps, 450g thrust

Typical GWS props are press fit for 1.5mm shaft.

Also suitable for GWS micro EDF fan rotors.

ALWAYS select prop/KV/cells to keep motor under 80C.

Download commercial datasheet. Note! Commercial performance values are often more conservative than those offered on this page.  Performance values listed on this page represent performance expectations in a hobby application.


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