Neutronics offers a variety of brushless motor electronic speed controls from 50W to 30kW.

Speed controllers for projects requiring more than 8,000 watts or voltages over 12S. 

APD – Advanced Power Drives – brushless motor controllers up to 120V and 45kW!  Configurable firmware allows use in numerous applications such as multi rotor, fixed wing, surface traction, electric bikes, electric cars and watercraft.

APD brushless motor controllers are engineered and manufactured in Australia.

The entire line of APD controllers will remain available for the forseeable future.  

Neutronics will be happy to work with customers to ensure stock and support for long-life projects.

Hargrave Technologies will be the corporate name and branding for the team we’ve known as APD since 2015.  The Hargrave ESCs will bring exciting capabilities with an emphasis on quality and customer service – the Hargrave and Neutronics teams are committed to ensuring that customers have a great experience selecting and implementing Hargrave ESCs in their projects.  

APD’s current line of ESCs will remain in production and will be sold and supported by the team at Neutronics.

Stay tuned for product releases in early Q1 2024!

Speed Controllers for projects under 8,000 watts.  Great controllers for RC cars!

Quality mass-market ESCs designed and assembled in Kansas. Castle has a controller and firmware for most any application under 8kW.