1533 Rotor

Replacement rotor and 8mm shaft for 1533 series motors.

This is an easy way to replace damaged shafts or magnets.

Includes rotor and shaft assembly only.  User must note and save internal washers and/or spacers.

Note 1: There are washers and there may be spacers on the shaft inside the motor.  Customer is responsible for noting their positions and saving them for re-use with the new rotor.

Note 2: If your rotor has broken magnets, there's a 50/50 chance that your windings are still good. We suggest removing all magnet particles from the interior of the motor and carefully looking for any damage to the copper windings. If the windings are damaged or your motor smells burned, you will need to replace the stator and case as well - or take advantage of our 40% discount on the complete replacement motor. See the terms and conditions here.